Acceptance Testing

New York and many other states require that new imaging equipment be tested before first use on patients. This is also recommended in the ACR Standard of Practice and in their Accreditation programs. UMP has extensive experience providing acceptance testing for new imaging equipment, including radiographic and fluoroscopic X-ray, C-arms, CT units, Nuclear Medicine cameras, PET and PET/CT units, MR units, mammography equipment, CR readers and PACS workstations.

Through our thorough testing and measurements, we have been able to help clients verify that their equipment meets manufacturer specifications and regulatory requirements, as well as identify any problem areas that will need to be addressed to ensure that their substantial investment in new equipment is maximized.

Most of our clients have felt that the cost of acceptance testing by an independent, experienced physics group is extremely worthwhile when compared with the overall cost of the new imaging equipment. They are especially grateful on those occasions when we have discovered significant problems that require correction before patient imaging begins (and before full payment is made).

We believe acceptance testing by an independent physics group such as ours is akin to having your car or house inspected by an independent party prior to purchase. It’s a relatively small investment for a fairly complex piece of imaging equipment. In past acceptance testing for other clients, we have identified issues that had required corrective action by the vendor. We have built excellent collaborative relationships with local service engineers, because we work together to ensure your imaging equipment works at its optimum performance


Are there any requirements for acceptance testing?

Some states, like New York, require acceptance testing of all medical diagnostic equipment before first use on patients. “Diagnostic equipment,” includes Nuclear Imaging Systems (SPECT and PET), CR readers and plates, and PACS workstation displays. This clarifies the common misconception that acceptance testing is only required for x-ray producing equipment.

Click Here for the link to the NYS regulation for Acceptance Testing.

Can acceptance testing be done by the manufacturer?

In New York State, the Medical Physics Licensure Law (Article 166 of the Education Law) specifies that acceptance testing is one of the practices that may only be performed by a licensed medical physicist. In section 8702, under the “definition of the practice of medical physics” that “Acceptance testing” is listed within the scope of practice.

Note that the education law is not typically enforced by NYSDOH inspectors. The Medical Physics licensure law does not restrict unlicensed persons from acquiring data, but rather requires oversight from a licensed medical physicist.

The bottom line is that, in New York State, Part 16 (Health Law) says that all diagnostic imaging equipment must be acceptance tested, and Article 166 (Education Law) specifies that acceptance testing must be performed by a licensed medical physicist.