Shielding Design

Protection of employees, patients, and the general public from primary, scattered, and leakage radiation is the primary goal of shielding design. UMP has provided shielding recommendations for hundreds of diagnostic installations, including radiographic, fluoroscopic, CT, nuclear medicine, PET, and PET-CT imaging equipment. We use the latest methodologies described in NCRP 147, to provide you with accurate, concise reports. We also have substantial experience with providing the paperwork required for Certificate of Need (CON) projects.

We strive to balance our main objectives of safety and regulatory compliance with cost and prudent design on every job. UMP can work directly with the architectural or construction firm, as needed and can provide expert advice on layout and other design features. We also offer quick turn around times for rush projects (3-day is available for single room projects).

Shielding design has really changed in the past 30 years. It has always been prudent to perform a shielding design for a new or renovated facility. With the latest changes in CT technology, we find that most existing CT scanner rooms need additional shielding to safely accommodate the new multi-detector CT scanners and their greatly increased mAs workloads. Because many facilities cannot verify the amount of existing lead in x-ray rooms, we are able to make an on-site determination of the existing lead, helping to maintain safety and minimize unnecessary expense.