Compliance Audits, Nuc Med and PET

Nuclear medicine and PET departments are required by their radioactive material license to commit to a substantial list of activities, including camera quality control, survey meter calibrations, proper radioactive material handling, and many more. UMP has performed hundreds of on-site assessments to help clients ensure all regulatory commitments are being met. Our assessors have direct experience as Nuclear Medicine Technologists and state inspectors.

Besides assessments, specific Nuclear Medicine/PET services provided by UMP include:

  • Dose calibrator testing (accuracy, linearity, constancy, geometry)
  • Calculations for spilled gas clearance times and worker dose from gases and aerosols
  • Well counter Chi square, efficiency and MDA calculations
  • Radiation safety training
  • Shielding
  • Acceptance testing
  • Physicists reports for ACR accreditation
  • Radiation Safety Committee
  • Personnel Dosimetry Analysis
  • Procedures and Manuals


How often should Nuclear Medicine/PET Compliance Assessments be done?

Some clients prefer annual or semi-annual compliance assessments, but most are on a quarterly schedule, which can provide direct input for quarterly Radiation Safety Committee meetings.